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Jan 09, 2020


Three Outstanding Products

The National Gypsum line of DEXcell® BRAND Roof Board covers the entire spectrum of commercial roofing applications. When a building houses  expensive equipment or expensive  people, DEXcell® Roof Boards will cover more than your roof.


  • First, our DEXcell® BRAND Glass Mat Roof Board is recommended for mechanically attached systems, metal roof systems and wood shake underlayment. It’s also an excellent thermal and fire barrier.


  • Next, our DEXcell® BRAND FA Glass Mat Roof Board has a heavy-duty coated fiberglass facer and is ideal for fully adhered roof systems – from a vapor barrier substrate to the parapet wall.


  • Finally, to provide customers with unprecedented versatility, National Gypsum makes DEXcell® BRAND Cement Roof Board. This board’s superior moisture resistance makes it suitable for nearly every roof system.
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National Gypsum

National Gypsum is a solutions-focused company.  Our goal is to help you make the best product choices by providing unmatched technical expertise. You can also expect world-class customer service and a solid commitment to on-time delivery.  Put simply, we want to be your trusted partner.   A fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of building products used worldwide, National Gypsum’s primary emphasis is on Gold Bond® BRAND Gypsum Board and DEXcell® BRAND gypsum and cement roof boards.

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