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Dec 17, 2019


The Scenario

When this Minnesota home was purchased, the new homeowners knew the home needed updating to boost its curb appeal. After 21 years, the roof had reached its lifespan—it was leaking, lackluster and unappeal-ing. The homeowners quickly chose their contractor and knew the shingle style and color they wanted, but wondered if anything could be done about the 17 square box vents and pipes poking out of their roof.   


Rayco Construction located in Minne-apolis, Minnesota pointed the homeowners towards Quarrix ridge ventilation as a solution to replacing the old box vents that were located along the back of the home. With a little online research the homeowners decided to switch their attic ventila-tion system from static box vents to continuous ridge ventilation for its many benefits and asked Quarrix to assist with determining the right ridge vent product for their new roof.


The Solution 

With some simple roof measure-ments, Quarrix ventilation expert, Scott Van Wey, provided the homeowners and contractor with a ventilation take-off which considers the square footage of the home and determines the intake and exhaust needs for the attic to create a balanced attic ventilation system. Quarrix High Profile Rigid Section® ridge vent was recommended because of the home’s shorter ridge lengths and the amount of Net Free Area (NFA) needed for the attic. “You should always try to keep airflow from intake vents and airflow from exhaust vents within a 50%/50% ratio”, explains Van Wey. “The industry calls this ratio a balanced system—it should always be part of a well-designed attic ventilation system.” Unfortunately, contractors often fail to calculate the ventilation needs and install ventilation without taking this ratio into account. To help Quarrix developed an easy-to-use, online vent calculator, visit 


“We see a growing trend in higher profile ridge vents becoming more common because roofs are being designed and built with increasingly complex layouts. Roofs today have longer hips, shorter ridges, and other unique features” explains Nick Nobbe, Quarrix Product Manager. Installing Quarrix Rigid Roll along the hips is a great way to obtain more NFA, if it’s needed, and it keeps roof lines clean and unobstructed. In more complicated roof layouts it’s especially important to balance your attic ventilation with the proper NFA calculations. “The roof ends up looking really nice when the vents are installed end-to-end on the hip and ridge. Just be mindful that with more Before After—Pipe Boot® complicated roof layouts, it’s especially important to balance your attic exhaust with the same amount of intake. Installing box vents haphazardly can lead to short-circuiting and nullify the reason ventilation was installed.,” says Nobbe.   


Because contractors are converting rooftops from static ventilation to ridge ventilation, Quarrix developed products to make the transition faster and easier for contractors. After tearing off the old shingles and box vents, Quarrix Smart Plug® roof patch is placed in the hole and nailed in place. All-in-all the installation process takes a minute to fill each hole in the roof deck and gives you the peace of mind that all building code requirements are meet without having to run replace the entire sheet of decking, or worse yet, use scrap metal that voids shingle manufactures’ warranties. The Smart Plug is made of 24-guage steel so it’s rigid, yet still easy to nail through. The plywood backing is engineered to prevent any condensation build-up and allows inspectors and homeowners to can see from inside the attic that the hole has been properly filled. Smart Plug roof patch saved this roofing crew over 4.5 hours in labor compared to previous methods. 


Quarrix Rigid Section ridge vent is also designed for faster installation. The vent is strong enough to handle being gun-nailed vs hand nailed. Marked nail lines make the nailing area easy to see.


RayCo construction installed a new Quarrix product on this roof to hide the white PVC pipe that was sticking out of the old roof—and where is that pipe now? It’s covered with a black Quarrix Pipe Boot® designed to protect soil stacks that protrude out the roof and blend seamlessly into the shingles. The Pipe Boot comes in a variety of colors and is made of galvanized steel, so it’s rust-proof and stands up to any type of weather without cracking or splitting. In this Minnesota home, without a Quarrix Pipe Boot, the homeowners would have to worry about pipe flashings frosting-over on the top. This is why Quarrix Pipe Boot is designed to be frost-free. It also contains no lead, which is important because products that contain lead become a magnet for squirrels, raccoons and mice to chew on, which can cause leaks and open a pathway for animals to enter the home. 


The Result

Ecstatic homeowners,


" The roof is finished, and we love it! A night and day difference from before."


Looking at the before and after pictures, it is an amazing transformation. The shingle style and new roof color make a large overall impact, but Quarrix ridge ventilation and acces-sories make a big impact too. Now, this new roof has balanced and better attic ventilation yet it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the home because it seamlessly blends in so that you barely see it. The same can be said for the Quarrix Pipe Boot, which is protecting and hiding the white plumbing pipe unlike before. 
Quarrix Rigid Roll and Rigid Section ridge vent, Smart Plug roof patch, and Pipe Boot pipe flashing are available via Quarrix authorized wholesale distributors throughout the United States and Canada. 


About Quarrix 

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Quarrix has been revolutionizing the way people roof for over 30 years.  Beginning with attic and ridge ventilation products, Quarrix has expanded its innovative offerings to include  roofing tiles, soffit vents and pipe flashings (and nearly everything in between) – all in an effort so architects,  contractors and homeowners achieve a beautiful roof that is authentically Quarrix durable and dependable.  Quarrix is a privately-held company of Liberty Diversified International. For more information, visit or call 800-438-2920 to locate the nearest dealer.

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Quarrix gets you off the roof 60X faster with SmartPlug® roof patch and Rigid Roll® ridge vent, a hip and ridge vent that is gun-nailable. Stop by our booth for expert advice on how to solve your toughest ventilation challenges and sign-up for our Partner with Quarrix program. For over 30 years, Quarrix has provided contractors durable and dependable roof and wall ventilation products, roofing accessories, and composite tile.   

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