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Roof re-cover with symmetrical metal standing seam panels chosen to solve transition leaks in Texas school

Dec 20, 2018 - Bossier City, La.


The roof re-cover at Roma High School in Roma, Texas, was a long time coming. Leaks at various transition points were causing excessive damage. Ultimately, the school district decided to invest in a major renovation, which ended up including new metal roofing, new low slope roofing, repairs to masonry and metal walls, as well as the replacement of windows and skylights. 


The biggest fix ended up being the original roofing, which required 233,335 square feet of McElroy Metal’s symmetrical standing seam metal roofing in PVDF Brite Red. A leaky tile roof was removed and replaced with McElroy’s 138T symmetrical standing seam metal roofing. Additionally, the company’s 238T symmetrical standing seam metal roofing was used to re-cover an existing R-panel. 


According to a report put together by the school district, the water infiltration issues were considerably worse than anyone realized. Most of the leaks were associated with walls and transitions between roofing and walls as well as the foundation and the walls. 


To ensure history did not repeat itself, Amtech Solutions of Pharr, Texas, investigated thoroughly and recommended the best solutions, including designed leak-proof 
“saddles” where the roof and walls met. 


“When we got involved, they were unsure of what the real causes of all the problems were,” says Mike Hovar, AIA, RRO, LEED AP, of Amtech Solutions. “When you see water running down the wall, immediately you think the problems were only with the 

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