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Bedroom Interiors in the attic

Nov 18, 2019


Modern construction promotes a clear division  of the residential building  into a day and night zone. 

While the day zone, usually located on the ground floor, is available to all residents and guests, the night zone allows to cut off from the rest of the house.  

The ideal place to arrange such an area is the attic which thanks to the application of suitable solutions will let you enjoy effective relaxation  under the sky.


Arranging a bedroom in the attic is not an easy task. Taking into account design of the building, roof pitch and height of L-shaped walls, this undertaking requires an individual approach to each project.


When equipping this room you should take into consideration all elements having impact on effective relaxation. One of them is the right colour selection. Colours that have a positive effect on your well-being include blue, green and a wide range of pastels. The shades of grey and white will also work well as they optically enlarge the space in small bedroom. Avoid bright, strong colours which with their irritating effects may make it difficult to fall asleep. The main element of each bedroom is bed which should be placed in the centre of the room. To save space, you can place it under the sloping wall, but remember to keep the appropriate distance to allow comfortable approach to the edge of the bed. In order to create friendly and comfortable interior do not forget about accessories that will make the bedroom take individual character. 



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