14 Preparations You Should Make Before Using JC-3400-JMM Plastic Extrusion Welder

Sep 06, 2018


1) Put the Plastic Extrusion Welder on the shelf, install the handle, plug in the mains plug.

2) Open the control box switch, welding temperature is generally set at 300℃
(572℉), when the temperature reaches 270℃ (518℉) the motor switches off, you
cannot start, when the temperature reaches 270℃ (518℉), the motor switch is
turned on, you can start properly. Open the hot air machine power switch,
thermostat knob, heated a few minutes to operate.

3) Right-hand pull the motor switch, the motor starts to rotate. The new
machines have noise, probably it mostly is relevant to the resonance between the
tool and the base or the close of the parts inside the tool. If the motor is very smooth,
and the internal sound disappears after sending welding rods.

4) It is better to re-standby 5 to 6 minutes after ensuring the motor can be
started. Then put welding rod into a machine to operate. Adjust the temperature
carefully depending on the thermoplastic case.

5) Motor’s rotating speed is fast without thermoplastic and will become heavier
when sending welding rod if become very difficult, please stop, probably screw
heating time is too short or low temperature.

6) Different welding methods require different welding nozzles, our company
provides a standard nozzle.

7) Need pressure on a machine that can be pressurized on the welding
seam. Extruding some plastic material to heat nozzle, then make weld surface not

8) Welding speed, extruding, angle, nozzle structure will determine welding seems
looking, but the most important thing is air temperature and air volume. It
determines welding‘s strength. Usually, hot air temperature is 260 ~ 400℃ (500-752℉).
Certainly, the faster welding speed, the higher required temperature.

9) Hot air with the welder moves. It is alright as long as can make the surface to be
welded after the hot air blowing. The higher temperature of the welding is not the
better. Select the correct temperature is very important.

10) Please do not knock when replacing the PTFE welding head. It is better to heat
than a takedown.

11) Hot air motor carbon brush life is about 800 hours, attention to early
replacement, do not wait until the carbon brushes to run out.

12) When shutdown, please circumgyrate hot air thermostat knob to the minimum,
a few minutes blowing before they shut down the hot air machine.

13) Retain a little of welding rod when shutdown to avoid extruder screw’s

14) Clean up welding nozzle when shutdown.



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