TH17 - The State of Roofing Technology: Here’s What is Changing the Whole Roofing Game

Thursday, February 6 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM « Back

If you think roof tech is the measurement app on your phone, you’ve got another thing coming. In this session, we’ll offer a glimpse at the tools and processes the most innovative roofing outfits are using to sell more, win more trust, and grow their businesses. From the latest drone tech to AI, camera sensors, and more, this is your roof tech deep-dive. Are you ready to use the latest tech to elevate your whole company? This session is for you. This session will be presented at a beginner level.

1. Determine where roofing tech is now and how it will  evolve. 
2. Identify how roof technology innovations is driving changes to the industry. 
3. Determine which innovations matter now and which will not last. 
4. Determine how the latest technologies can help them amp-up close rates and win more work.


Education Tracks: General Business, Beginner

Event Type: Conference > Session