WE10 - 5 Financial Horror Stories - Don't Let These Happen to You

Wednesday, February 5 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM « Back

Five different contractors thought their businesses were profitable... until they learned the terrible truth.  From real-life case studies, you will learn how to prevent potential financial disasters such as fraud, insurance liability, bills, assigning job costs and completing lien waivers.  Roofers are often not aware of the potential pitfalls in their businesses. And while you may have heard horror stories of others, or even suffered from some issues yourself, this session will help you focus on ways to prevent these disasters. This session will be presented at all levels.

1. Discuss Fraud: What do you mean it's easy to delete transactions?  
2. Evaluate Liability: What do you mean my liability audit cost me another $10,000? 
3. Discuss Job Costs: So this large cost wasn't assigned to any job?  
4. Evaluate Cash Flow: Why do I never seem to have enough cash to finish my jobs? 


Credits: 1.5 of IIBEC CEHs | 1.5 hours of DBPR/CILB credits

Education Tracks: Money Matters, Intermediate, Advanced, Beginner

Event Type: Conference > Session