Heatec, Inc.

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Heatec designs and manufactures industrial heaters, pump skids, tanks, and control systems. Heatec's heaters have output ranges from 0.5 to 80 million Btu/hour. Their popularity comes from their simplicity, efficiency, low maintenance and relatively low cost. Our booster heaters increase asphalt temperature up to 80ºF as it flows through its helical coil. Our tanks are either vertical or horizontal configurations with capacities ranging from 5,000 gallons (18,927 liters) to 45,000 gallons (170,325 liters). Many options are available. Our tanks are well insulated and include a number of safety features. Come by our booth #1660 at the 2018 Roofing Expo to find out more. Or visit us online at www.heatec.com.

Product Categories

Product Categories

  • HVAC
  • Machinery/Manufacturing Equipment

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