Jonas Houchin

District Technical Manager at Johns Manville
Denver, CO
United States

Jonas Houchin started his career with Johns Manville in 2005 after receiving his BS in mechanical engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He began as a technical representative focusing on providing service to JM Peak Advantage Contractors in the form of inspections, investigations, job starts and training. He later led the Codes and Approvals group, focusing on regulatory testing and system development. He also gained experience in a role that involved managing the Pacific District Technical Team. For the last two years, Houchin has spent his time on system innovation and being a training manager at the JM Roofing Institute in Rockdale, Illinois. In this role he leads the JM Training Center initiatives and has helped drive system innovation, which involves finding new ways to install existing products, making alterations to current products to make them more user-friendly and developing new products and systems.