Harry Dietz

Director of Enterprise Risk Management at NRCA
Rosemont, IL
United States

Harry Dietz, Director of Safety and Regulatory Compliance, NRCA, is a graduate of DePaul University and John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Harry grew up in the roofing business. His grandfather started Dietz Roofing Company in Chicago in the early 1920s and his father and uncles operated the business until the 1970s. Harry has had a variety of construction-related work experience and, after completing law school, had worked in private practice and in foreign taxation for a business and legal publisher. At NRCA, Harry’s responsibilities include staff liaison to the Health and Safety and Safety Manual committees. He is a member of the American National Standards Institute’s A-10 Construction Committee and regularly writes for Professional Roofing magazine. Harry is an OSHA authorized trainer for the 10- and 30- hour OSHA construction safety classes and teaches a number of NRCA’s educational programs. He also handles member inquiries on rules and regulations related to OSHA, EPA, DOT and related state agencies that affect the roofing industry.