Dwayne Sloan

Director, Principal Engineers & Regulatory Services at UL LLC
PE, Durham, NC
United States

Dwayne Sloan is the Director of Principal Engineers and Regulatory Services for the Building and Life Safety Technologies Division at UL LLC where he directs the activities of other Principal Engineers and Regulatory members that support a wide variety of product areas. Dwayne’s focus is in the area of Reaction to Fire. He is a presenter for organizations, such as NFPA, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Expanded Polystyrene Industry Alliance, Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association and others on reaction to fire topics and provides technical leadership for UL’s building materials certification services and Standards development activities. Dwayne serves on several NFPA technical committees and participates in various ASTM committees. He is currently the 2nd Vice President of ASTM E05, Committee on Fire Standards. Dwayne has a Mechanical Engineering degree from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. During his 30 years at UL, he has worked in and led a variety of UL’s fire-protection areas, and authored several articles and publications. Dwayne was recently recognized by UL as a Corporate Fellow within the William Henry Merrill Society, named in honor of UL’s founder.